On  September 5, 2023 Walter Tosto SpA, a member of Confimi Industria Abruzzo, was the protagonist of the “Selling Machinery in China” event, a round table organized by SACE, the Italian body controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, together with the large Chinese importer SUMEC in Milan.

The purpose of the meeting was to analyze a real successful case of exporting made in Italy products to China. SUMEC and SACE wanted to express their recognition to Walter Tosto SpA for the quality of work and financial competence.

The CFO of Walter Tosto, Luca Pierfelice, thanked the participants and Banco BPM and presented a case study about the supply of 4 Heat Exchangers in China, intended for a styrene production plant of Shandong Zhongtai Chemical company Technology Co., Ltd.

We would like to sincerely thank the organizers for giving us this opportunity. We are enthusiastic about continuing to grow and contribute to the development of trade relations between Italy and China” concluded the Manager.