ITER Organization promotes the advancement of the Vacuum Vessel productive activities at Walter Tosto

Walter Tosto SpA, as part of the European consortium AMW (Ansaldo SpA – Mangiarotti SpA – Walter Tosto SpA) was designated  for the production of seven of the nine sectors of the ITER Vacuum Vessel.

After the design and qualification of special processes phases, activities related on the manufacture of the first sector, including hot forming, were started up.

In order to celebrate the progress and the success of these processes, the ITER communication department has published a video shot by Patrick Vertongen, ITER Quality Manager, on its web channels, during the supervision of the current activities at WT plant of Chieti.

In particular, the video shows the forming of a stainless steel sheet, pressed into the required shape through an open die hot forming process.

Hot forming and the subsequent heat treatment of stainless steel are part of  the special processes qualified by Walter Tosto, that constitute a valuable background necessary for the development of critical components such as the vacuum vessel for ITER.


Watch the video:

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Learn more about the ITER project