Fusion for Energy (F4E), the organization managing the European contribution to the Iter project, celebrated its tenth anniversary on November 30th in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The event was attended, among the others, by the Director of Fusion For Energy, Johannes Schwemmer, the representatives of the European institutions and member states, EUROfusion, Iter, industrial partners and research institutions, the King of Spain Felipe VI, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Arias Cañete and the mayor of Barcelona.

The conference was held with the speeches of the main guests who provided a global vision on all aspects related to nuclear fusion and future activities.

The companies of the Tosto Group, Walter Tosto and Belleli Energy CPE, represented respectively by the Managing Director Luca Tosto and the CEO Paolo Fedeli, took part in the event. “It was an important opportunity for discussion and updating for all the actors involved in the Iter project” commented Luca Tosto, who added: “We particularly appreciated the intervention of our sub-supplier Probeam who illustrated the neutron beam system used for the components welding“.

Since 2010 Walter Tosto was commissioned for the construction of several hi-tech components for the Iter project, while Belleli Energy CPE has been involved in the manufacturing of the PS2 Vacuum Vessel segment on May 2017, after providing the mock-ups and feasibility studies in the ‘90s.

In this regard, today, Paolo Fedeli was invited as a speaker at the Iter Industry Day in Brussels in order to illustrate the socio-economic benefits in terms of employment, innovation and technology brought by Iter to the companies involved in the project.