Walter Tosto SpA is manufacturing two LPG storage tanks with a capacity of 1200 cubic meters each for the Carinaro (Italy) plant of the Aversana Petroli srl company.

Founded in 1972, Aversana Petroli is a family business that operates through the largest LPG depot in southern Italy. With the addition of the two new LPG Bullets, the current storage capacity of 4,400 cubic meters will be further increased to 6,800 cubic metres.

“All the tanks purchased by our company over the years have been supplied by Walter Tosto; the first one dates back to 1973 and since then we have had the opportunity to appreciate the quality of the products, an extremely important factor for the safe storage of gas and oil products” said Silvio Cosentino, third generation CEO of Aversana Petroli.

The large tanks measure over 33 meters in length by 6.5 meters in diameter each and are able to support a pressure of 18 bar. “These equipment have a high resistance and can also contain gases with higher pressures with respect to LPG, such as ammonia or propylene” explained Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto SpA, who visited the Carinaro headquarters together with the General Manager Giacomo Fossataro on Friday 31 March.

“This job is progressing as scheduled and in the next step the tanks will be buried in the area destined for expansion“ explained the Construction Site Manager of Walter Tosto SpA, Enrico Buffo, who coordinates a team of 12 people, adding: “I am very satisfied for being appointed of this role for the first time, leading such an important project. Moreover, I am lucky to work with very professional and helpful people from our client company”.

Walter Tosto’s team and management wish to thank the Cosentino family for the trust placed in 50 years of collaboration as well as for the warm welcome shown on the occasion of their recent visit.