We are pleased to welcome Fabrizio Di Sciullo, 51 years old, newly hired with a permanent contract with the tender Garanzia Over. The announcement of selection, issued by the Abruzzo Region within the Operational Plan FSE Abruzzo 2016-2018, aims to encourage the hiring of unemployed people with more than 30 years, with special attention to women and over 50.

The delegates of the Abruzzo Region interviewed Luca Pierfelice, CFO of the company, and the new employee who works as electrician: “After two years of occasional work, I am very pleased to join one of the strongest company in our region. I thank Walter Tosto for giving me the opportunity to be part of this team”, said Fabrizio Di Sciullo.

“Walter Tosto focuses on young people and their training, but sometimes it is important to give an opportunity also to no longer young workers, but with significant years of experience. With Garanzia Over we wanted to take this valuable opportunity”, explained Luca Pierfelice.