The audit for the renewal of an important quality certification enabling Walter Tosto to manufacture nuclear components in accordance with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) rules has just concluded.

For 4 days ASME delegates carried out regular inspections at Walter Tosto’s workshops in Chieti and Ortona (Italy), which ended with today’s announcement of a very positive final result.

“During our verifications we did not detect any non-conformities, which rarely happens in this area” explained the Team Leader of ASME, who congratulated Walter Tosto’s staff for the quality assurance program as well as for the excellent manufacturing processes and documentation management, and above all for the high know-how in nuclear codes. “We are proud for having collaborated with a highly professional organization such as ASME, which has repaid our constant commitment by promoting us with full marks” said Mario Maresca, Quality Manager of the company. The new N and NPT stamp will be issued in December by the ASME Committee, at the expiry date of the previous certifications.

Walter Tosto’s Managing Director, Luca Tosto, congratulates his team, which once again has marked an important milestone in the company’s history.