Walter Tosto broadens its range of activities in the innovative sector of bioplastic, which is expected to be the natural alternative to the production of polymers derived from petroleum. The company has in fact been chosen by Bio-on as a partner for the construction of a first plant in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), worth € 20 million, where biodegradable plastics will be produced for the cosmetics sector.

Unlike other plants producing traditional plastics, natural bioplastics are made in the Bio-on plant thanks to a process that starts with industrial waste like the molasses remaining from the production of beet sugar. Inside the large fermenters (reactors) manufactured by Walter Tosto, billions of non-pathogenic bacteria feed on this material, synthesizing the bioplastic within them according to a natural process patented by Bio-on. The result is a 100% biodegradable plastic which applications can be found in several sectors: from automotive to electronics, from food and beverage packaging to fibers used in the textile industry.

Walter Tosto supplied Bio-on with the first plant, equipped with two reactors worth 2,8 million euros for the production of biopolymers (PHAs). Furthermore, Bio-on is signing license agreements for the transfer of its technology to produce biodegradable plastic in many countries of the world. Each complete plant needs 10 reactors and Walter Tosto is preparing to face the promising worldwide demand for the installation of these new reactors.

At this purpose, Walter Tosto is diversifying its production line, creating a special division for biotechnology aimed at industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The “good” chemistry is the future of the planet, and participating in this challenge is important not only for the economic return, but also because the Tosto Group will become the protagonist, along with Bio-on, of a supreme social mission.