Port of Ortona, Adriatic Sea. In a warm day of late June, the operational teams of Walter Tosto SpA and Big Lift, the shipping company, are preparing to organize the shipment of the first products marked Walter Tosto Rus : a Cold Separator and a HDS Reactor.

The Big Lift’s captain, who is coordinating the work, explains: “When you work with such a heavy weight objects, you have to balance the ship by filling it with an amount of water equal to the item’s weight. Once you have placed the item on the ship, the water tank must then be emptied“.

Each load to be shipped is like an impressive show for those who are watching: one may think that lifting up these huge artifacts should be an impossible task. But when you look at the teams of both companies working in perfect synchronicity with each other, you realize that men joining their forces and skills can overcome even the greatest of the challenges. With a good team-working and a perfect synergy, the performance took place in the best possible way and the load is now ready to cross the great eastern-Europe seas, to reach its final destination in Syzran, Russia.