Critical items are the beating heart of an industrial plant. These components are essential because their malfunctioning would compromise the operation of the whole system. The factors that characterize a critical component can be the weight, the material and / or the delivery time.

We are about to complete an important critical component in our workshop in Ortona: it is one of the biggest columns ever made so far in terms of volume. The carbon steel deisohexainizer column has a diameter of almost 9 meters, a length of 70 meters and a weight of 675 tons.

It took only 9 months to fabricate it, which is a significant milestone for a column of its category, that once again allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to the customer in terms of delivery consistency. This requirement is very important in our sector, where the lack of punctuality causes huge costs for the customer company that, while waiting for the single component to be put into operation, is forced to suspend the construction activities of the entire plant.

Once completed, the column will be shipped by sea in March 2018 and will be installed in the Jebel Ali refinery (Dubai) of the big Arabian company ENOC.