The  “Energy of enterprise” initiative of Affari & Finanza – Repubblica activated in collaboration with Sorgenia and with the scientific contribution of the Energy & Strategy group of the polytechnic of Milan, stopped over Pescara on November 18th  (Aurum, Alambicchi’s Room). The event is part of a tour started on May 2015 from Bari and continued to Florence, Turin, Padua and Bologna.

A convention takes place in each city in order to discuss about tangible experiences  and efficient solutions for Italian companies’ growth.

The meeting opened with a survey performed by PoliMi, that analyses the potential energy cost saving at 2020, associated with the adoption of mature technologies which are currently available on the market for energy efficiency.

Luigi Gia of Affari & Finanza moderated the round table together with Tiziana Testa (Repubblica Tv) and the director of  “Il Centro” Mauro Tedeschini. Among the participants, Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto SpA, the entrepreneurs Gilberto Candeloro (Anxxa) and Andrea Zara (Regula), Pescara’s mayor, Marco Alessandrini and the council member for agricultural policies of the Abruzzo Region, Dino Pepe.

We need to activate strategies for reducing energy consumption but also for investments” explained Simone Lo Nostro of Sorgenia.

Luca Tosto: “In our company we are dealing with studies in order to verify energy costs and to activate procedures aiming to minimize consumption and reducing the environmental impact“. He then added: “In addition to energy efficiency measures,  plants efficiency should be considered as well, by investing on technology and innovation”.