Port of Ortona (Italy). The loading operations of three DHT reactors in vanadium commissioned by the Middle East colossus KNPC have been completed.

In addition to the 3 reactors of 42 meters in length and 120 mm in thickness, weighing about 800 tonnes each, the order also includes two KHTU reactors weighting 200 tonnes each, manufactured by the sister company Belleli Energy CPE based in Mantua.

The same ship will then stop at Marghera (Venice), where the reactors manufactured by Belleli will be boarded as well. “This operation requires a significant logistical coordination, since the ships leaving from Ortona and Mantua have to sail at the same time in Marghera” explained Simona Di Battista, project manager at Walter Tosto SpA.

The components, once arrived at their destination, will be installed in the Al-Zour refinery, Kuwait.