Walter Tosto is pleased to support the charity journey of two young men with a passion for motorbikes: Cesare Ranucci and Giacomo Piatti who, in the next June, will cross the enchanting island of Man, in the Irish Sea, experiencing the legendary Mountain Course.

The “Two Bikes, One Mission” project will provide charitable missions on the island. Walter Tosto’s contribution will make possible to help a rest for old horses, saved from the slaughterhouse. Moreover, the funds obtained by the other sponsors and from the t-shirts sales will be used to support a cats shelter that hosts the “Manx cat”, a unique specimen without tail because of a genetic mutation, and the MotorSport Medical Center of Dr. David B. Stevens, responsible for providing first aid to the pilots participating to the Tourist Trophy in the isle of Man.

Luca Tosto, Managing Director of Walter Tosto SpA, expressed: << My passion for motorcycles has inspired me to sustain the project “Two Bikes One Mission” presented by Cesare and Giacomo, who have admirably combined a charity purpose to their dream of crossing the Isle of Man on the two wheels. Another reason that made me appreciate the project is the love for animals: in my family my sisters and I have practiced riding for several years, a worthy sport, which taught us to respect horses and animals in general. That’s why I am very happy to support their journey and help them to spread a positive message based on commitment, respect and generosity. My best wishes to Cesare and Giacomo, who will soon make their dream come true >>.