From June 27 to July 2 the SELO certification’s inspectors visited Walter Tosto SpA in order to perform the approval procedure for the manufacturer’s qualification for the production of pressure-bearing products like pressure vessels (heat exchangers), boiler, pipes, safety parts, etc., according to Chinese guidelines. After having analyzed the quality management system in an accurate way and verified that the productive capacity reflected the specified requirements, the inspectors team has expressed its positive opinion in favor of the certification renewal for the Boilers and Pressure Vessels categories. “The solidity of the company, both in terms of production capacity and structures, facilities and equipment investment enables Walter Tosto to be ranked among the highest levels of the market”, says the Audit Team Leader. Mario Maresca, Walter Tosto‘s Quality Manager is highly satisfied with the result: “Quality is our flagship. We have been working hard to achieve high quality standards and to optimize every single operating process, but we finally obtained the results we set ourselves: even the Chinese approval constitutes the confirmation.”