We are proud to announce that Walter Tosto has signed with Fusion 4 Energy (F4E), the EU organization managing the European contribution of the ITER international project, a new contract for the manufacturing of the first cassette bodies for the ITER Divertor, the lower part of the nuclear fusion experimental reactor.

This is a new chapter of the ITER project for Walter Tosto, who has been taking part in the program since 2010, suppling some sectors of the Vacuum Vessel, and has now been reconfirmed by Fusion for Energy for the fabrication of the Divertor Cassettes.

It will take five years to manufacture these components, which will measure 0.8 x 2.3 x 3.5 meters, with a weight of 8 tons each. Due to the very strict tolerances required by the project, extreme precision in machining, high expertise in welding and inspection are necessary.

Patrick Lorenzetto, F4E’s head of the In-Vessel project team said: “Europe is now ready to proceed with the manufacturing of the first series of the Iter Divertor cassettes bodies. This is the outcome of the very good collaboration between the various teams in F4E, Iter Organization and the companies involved“.