ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) is the most important internationally recognized quality assurance and control certification. This certificate is intended to certify that production, processes, products and manufactured parts meet the safety and quality requirements of the ASME code.

After the verification audit by the ASME inspectors held last February at our facilities in Chieti, Ortona, Bucharest and Oltenita, the inspectors congratulated with the staff involved for their collaboration and professionalism and announced that the renewal procedures were concluded with positive results for all the inspected plants.

We are very satisfied for obtaining the renewal of the ASME U, U2, U3 and S certifications as well as National Board NB and R relating to the design, manufacture and repair of pressure equipment – explained Mario Maresca, Walter Tosto SpA Quality Manager –The continuous updating of quality certifications represents a guarantee for the Customers, who have the certainty that the supplier operates according to a universally recognized and consolidated quality system over time“.