It looks like a big whale the heavy load carrier Jumbo Jubilee, with its two 900 tons huge cranes. It has sailed off in the morning from Ortona with over 2400 tons of equipment in its belly: two Hydrocracking Reactors and six Separators fabricated by Walter Tosto.

The reactors and separators have been manufactured in parallel over the past 11 months and will be installed at a large oil plant in the Persian Gulf.

It is a mega-project in which the Tosto Group won against international competitors, and was awarded the supply of all the critical items of the tender. In fact, in addition to the six separators and the two reactors awarded to Walter Tosto, the sister company Belleli Energy CPE has obtained the supply of five other reactors for the same plant.

This was possible thanks to the high production capacity and the synergy of the group companies that operate according to the same modus operandi. This strategic lever offers to the customer the advantageous opportunity to communicate with a single interlocutor, the Tosto Group.

This important achievement strengthen the competitiveness of the Tosto Group in the most ambitious projects of the international Oil & Gas markets.