On June 15 we will have the honour of hosting the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS) at our company for a workshop on the electron beam welding (EBW) process and some of its most significant applications.

Electron beam welding (EBW) is a fusion process in which a high speed electron beam is applied to the edges to be joined. The kinetic energy of electrons is transformed into heat upon impact, resulting in the melting of materials.

The event will take place both in presence and online, integrating the presentations of the speakers in the classroom – delegates of important international organizations such as the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and ProBeam, as well as national bodies such as ENEA and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) – with the visit and demonstration of a process carried out with the innovative EBM system installed at our facility in Chieti.

For program and registration, please refer to the web page: https://www.iis.it/it/la-saldatura-fascio-elettronico