Walter Tosto SpA has signed the renewal of the “Supply Chain Project“, an innovative collaboration with the major Banking Group Intesa Sanpaolo, aiming to support growth plans in the territory, internationalization and renewal of manufacturing facilities of the Italian supply chains.

Paolo Izzillo, Corporate and Coordinator Manager of the Bank said: “Walter Tosto is our primary customer and leader of the chain. Suppliers of Walter Tosto are potential customers for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and thanks to Walter Tosto, they will benefit from cost-effective solutions and favored conditions“.

Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto SpA concluded with a handshake with Pasqualino Morlacchi, Companies Branch Manager of Chieti, congratulating with the Intesa Sanpaolo’s staff, considered as a reliable, strategic and primary partner from the Tosto Group.