Among the instructors of the company, also a former student of the institute.

Eighteen students of the third and fourth year of the “Di Marzio-Michetti” professional institute of Pescara (Italy) – Industry and Handicraft specialization – are participating in a highly specializing course lasting 20 hours at the Institute’s laboratories. The employees of Walter Tosto SpA, including a former student of the school, are playing the role of teachers. Emanuel Igbute, 23 years old, joined Walter Tosto’ staff at the end of a school project.

The students of the professional institute, after having carried out a first theoretical lesson on welding and safety at work, will learn welding techniques and practical skills in using the main industry tools.

The welding activity represents the heart of Walter Tosto’s specific manufacturing processes, for this reason the company periodically organizes welding courses for young people, in order to employ aspiring welders in the company.

The project with the “Di Marzio-Michetti” Institute was activated in addition to the several training programs successfully carried out by the company in cooperation with local schools over the years.

Among the most significant training collaborations we can mention the partnership with the “L. Di Savoia” technical institute of Chieti (Italy), which fruitfully involves third, fourth and fifth year students of the Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy curricula. The trainees participating in the course follow a study plan (Pressure Equipment specialization) jointly developed by the teachers of the Institute, the engineers and the technicians of Walter Tosto. The students carry out a three years internships program at company’s headquarters.

The goal is always the same: to provide young people with practical skills in addition to the theoretical notions learned at school and to train students to carry out work activities since school age.