A very special cargo is taking place at the port of Ortona: the 4 bottom legs of the giant New York Wheel, a project of international standing, are finally boarding. These components branded Walter Tosto have a diameter of 5.5 meters, a length of 42 meters and a weight of 260 tons each. Thanks to the strict quality controls and to the constant collaboration with the client company Mammoet, all the production stages were successfully completed.

After the completion of loading, the ship will stop in Ravenna to take on board the 4 upper legs and later will proceed to New York, in order to make landfall in Staten Island for the final assembly. In the early 2018 it will be finally possible to get in the wheel to enjoy a breathtaking view from 190 meters above.

For further information: https://www.waltertosto.it/nyw/ –  http://newyorkwheel.com/