Ripa Teatina (Chieti), December 16, 2016. A night rich of emotions and entertainment: so Walter Tosto’s team spent the Christmas Dinner with memorable moments, starting from the opening speech of the founder Walter Tosto, which concluded with a long and heartfelt applause of the participants.

The President recalled the difficulties of the very first years of activities and the dedication that allowed his local business to grow up and to become what it represents today: a great, solid and recognized worldwide company. In particular, Walter Tosto has expressed his gratitude to the workers for their everyday hard work: “I know what sacrifice means and I thank you so much for what you do“. Walter and Luca Tosto then paid homage to all the women of the company by donating them refined handcrafted art scarves. “When the company was founded, there were only two women, now they are almost 50, and among them there are many engineers: they all play key roles for the company“, explained Walter Tosto.

After the dinner, some of the employees performed with several shows for the first and very successful edition of the “Walter Tosto’s got Talent” contest: an initiative proposed with the aim to have fun together “without  work clothes”. The Winners of the event were the “ìPer Group” whose members acted up with the dance “You are the one that I want” from the well-known musical Grease.