Chieti, Italy – October 9, 2020.

Walter Tosto SpA, leading company of a group including the companies Belleli Energy CPE and Di Zio Inoxa, as well as the prestigious University of Tuscia, has entered the final phase of the demanding research and development “Electron Beam Machine” (EBM) project.

It is an innovative and unique prototype-equipment that will allow the development of new processes with greater operational complexity than the existing ones.

Electron beam is a process in which the electrons generated and accelerated at high speed inside a vacuum chamber are focused on a thin beam that can be used for welding, melting, drilling and for treating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Thanks to Research and Development activities and to the aforementioned high-value collaborations, this equipment is one of the largest and most advanced on a global scale, using innovative technological solutions introduced by researchers.

The 650 cubic meters Electron Beam Machine located in Chieti will find application in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Research industries. It will guarantee operational benefits and growth opportunities for the entire industry and for the territory.

The project was funded by the POR FESR Abruzzo 2014-2020 – Action Line 1.1.1 and 1.1.4., awarded for large research projects.

Expected start-up date is the end of December 2020.