Great celebrations in Walter Tosto’s for the inauguration of a new giant milling machine, the largest ever built by the German company Waldrich Coburg. With more than 35 meters length and over 10 meters height, the Waldrich PowerTec Milling Machine represents a unique equipment, the largest portal milling machine in the world for its accuracy.

The opening ceremony, an international event, took place on September 10th at Walter Tosto’s seafront workshop in Ortona. Local administration and port authorities, big Italian and foreign companies, major banks and newspapers were present.

On the stage, before the ribbon cutting ceremony, the two Managing Directors Luca Tosto and Hubert Becker of the companies Walter Tosto and Waldrich Coburg respectively, gave a speech. “If you aim to be modern, you must bring home the best technology on the market” said Luca Tosto during his speech, who added: “We have found in Waldrich Coburg, leader for precision and robustness in the construction of large industrial facilities, our strategic partner“. Hubert Becker said: “We are truly honored to have collaborated with Walter Tosto in these five years for the creation of this special milling machine, and we hope that the plant will contribute to the further development of the company“.

After the interventions, guests were entertained by music, special lighting effects and exciting performances of acrobats hanging in the air inside the workshop.