Walter Tosto SpA was invited to participate to the annual informative event of  PO FSE Abruzzo last Monday, December 15th in Pescara. The meeting’s topics were related on Job Opportunities, Equal Opportunities and Social Policies in the Abruzzo region.

The PO FSE Abruzzo 2007/2013 program was approved by the European Commission in order to promote the development of an effective and inclusive labour market, human capital enhancement, territory development valorization as well as economic and social cohesion.

Roberta Marinaro, who operates in the qualification processes management of Walter Tosto SpA, has attended the event in order to talk about Walter Tosto’s experience in the Abruzzo4Match event.

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Other important participants to the event were:
– Germano De Sanctis, Management Authority of FSE Abruzzo 2007/2013;
– Marinella Sclocco, Council member of  Social Policies, Job Active Policies, Equal opportunities,  , Juvenile Policies, Education Rights, Third Sector Associations and Horizontal Subsidiarity, Regulation Plan of the Abruzzo Region.
– Francesco Prosperococco, CRESA’s Director, Regional Centre of Studies, Economic and Social Research.
– Tiziana Arista, Development and Social Cohesion Department Consultant  – Economic Development Minister.