Walter Tosto’s staff is glad for having completed all the Divertor Cassettes prototypes commissioned by Fusion for Energy, the organization managing the European contribution to ITER, assigning the company a protagonist role in the great technological challenge of demonstrating the fabrication feasibility of such components.

The ITER Divertor is located at the lower part of the ITER machine and is made of 54 pieces of stainless steel which can be removed, known as Divertor Cassettes, measuring 0.8 x 2.3 x 3.5 m and weighting about 8 tons.

In 2014, Fusion for Energy launched a call for the selection of suppliers to check whether they had the skills to manufacture this components with the required quality.

Walter Tosto won the tender together with an Italian-French consortium. After four years of hard work for all the involved partners, the Divertor Cassettes have been successfully completed by respecting all the dimensional checks and demonstrating the capability of the company to operate for international big projects in compliance with customer specific requirements.