The professional training course for future welders is taking place in these days at Walter Tosto SpA. The course lasts 220 hours and it includes practical training (200 hours) and lectures (20 hours).
Nineteen young men aged between 18 and 25 were selected by the company to be trained as welders.  Luca Vettori, a 25 years old aspiring welder from Miglianico (CH),  is very satisfied with the course and commented: “I hoped to be selected for this program, because I wished to practice this job and to learn the different welding techniques“.  Morgan Madonna and Matteo Valenti, both 22-years old from Ortona (CH) said: “Since we came from Ortona, we already knew Walter Tosto: we used to see the loading operations from the port of our city and we could not wait to know this important company from the inside“. Morgan attended the nautical institute and he has always been interested in mechanical and metalwork; Matteo has alread worked as a welder but he had never got the opportunity to practice some special welding techniques which are performed in the company.

Course participants are constantly supported by a technician in the workshop, while the theoretical lessons are conducted in the classroom by the various topics experts and they include an introduction to welding as well as safety at work and safety related on the specific sector.

The young men who will positively conclude the training course will be gradually inserted in the company’s workforce.