The success in the “Big Science” field continue for Walter Tosto’s team, which after its debut in 2010 in the ITER project, the world’s largest research program for clean energy production from nuclear fusion, today achieves a new important result.

The company has recently been reconfirmed to manufacture the entire supply package of the ITER Divertor, a component located in the lower part of the fusion reactor, composed of 54 stainless steel removable parts, named Divertor Cassette Bodies.

With their particular and articulated shape, made of peaks, hollows, protrusions, curves and angles, the cassette bodies look like spaceship components. They measure 0.8 x 2.3 x .3.5 meters and weigh approximately 4.8 tons each.

Their complexity is due to the fact that the cassette bodies are designed to withstand induced electromagnetic forces up to 100 tons. Furthermore, the cassette significantly contributes to the dissipation of the heat produced inside the reactor.

In 2018 Walter Tosto completed the construction of the first full-size prototype, which opened the doors to the in series production of 15 cassette bodies, currently under construction in Chieti, Italy.

In recent days, Fusion For Energy (F4E), the EU organization that manages the European contribution to the ITER project, has appointed Walter Tosto to supply the complete package of 39 additional Cassette Bodies. With a program of supplies scheduled until 2027, this reconfirmation offers the whole group new incentives to achieve more and more challenging and ambitious goals.