Walter Tosto SpA, commissioned by ENEA, manufactured 18 (+2 spares) toroidal field (TF) coils for the Tokamak JT-60SA machine, an experimental project in support of the most important program on nuclear fusion, ITER.

It is a very special project that will contribute, together with the other research programs on fusion, to prepare the energy of the future that will be used and improved by the new generations.

Since January 2017 the Tokamak is being assembled in Naka, Japan, and on August 30th, Walter Tosto delivered the last of the 20 TF coils. This particularly complex job was completed 10 months in advance of the established deadline, that represents for Walter Tosto a great achievement.

This positive result was possible thanks to the synergy and collaboration with the respective teams of ENEA, Fusion 4 Energy, General Electric and ASG Superconductors. In this regard, we want to thank all the people involved in the project for the professionalism and availability demonstrated and send our best wishes to the QST Japanese Research Institute (National Institute of Quantum and Radiology Science and Technology) appointed to complete the Tokamak JT-60 SA’s assembly and its start-up.