Port of Ortona. The loading operations of a polymerisation reactor manufactured by Walter Tosto for Sasol, world leader in the energy and chemicals sectors, concluded successfully yesterday, February 11, 2016, in the early afternoon.

The component will be installed in a big plant for the production of ethylene, a chemical compound used as raw material for petrochemical and plastic materials products.

This piece is part of an 8 billion $ project developed by Sasol.  To obtain this order we had to deal with very combative competitors, but fortunately the competition concluded positively for us“, explained Francesco Aiello, Area Sales Manager at Walter Tosto SpA.

The Sasol Group previously announced plans to build a new GTL (gas-to-liquids) facility at the same site, for the conversion of natural gas into diesel fuel and other liquids, producing of 96,000 barrels per day. “I can proudly say that our company has also been selected as manufacturer for the supply of the most critical components of this new plant” added Aiello.

A teamwork composed by people speaking different languages, ​belonging to different companies ​and nationalities, handled all the loading operations in a cohesive and coordinate manner.

The huge item is now on the large Dutch ship, whose poetic Italian name “Stella Marina” seems to pay homage to our country. The boat will leave tomorrow morning and will sail to the Gulf of Mexico to reach the faraway Lake Charles, in Louisiana (USA).