Walter Tosto’s team has achieved a new record, managing to fabricate a plated vanadium reactor in just 10 months from the order acquisition, including the purchase of materials, one month in advance on the delivery date set by contract.

The reactor has a length of 33 meters, an internal diameter of 5 meters with a thickness of 189 mm and a weight of 645 tons.

The manufacturing of this type of equipment generally requires longer periods of time. However, due to project requirements, the Customer requested a particularly stringent due date.

For the completion of the component within the agreed time, all the processes – from engineering to the procurement of materials to documentation and checks – were managed with maximum efficiency. The coordination between the functional areas involved was also a crucial aspect.

A similar reactor for the same order has been fabricated in parallel by our sister company Belleli Energy CPE.

Both components will be installed in an oil plant in Germany.

A sincere thanks to all the people who managed to complete a project in an incredibly short time, without neglecting the quality that has always distinguished our products.