The first day of the event “Sounds of labour”, an initiative in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region, Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese, University of Teramo and the protected marine area Torre del Cerrano, will take place at Walter Tosto’s workshop of Chieti on Friday, May 20 at 5 pm.

The goal is to bring the symphony of Mendelssohn’s violins and the opera of Rossini within the factories, where the incessant and repetitive rhythm of the machinery and of the assembly line reign. The Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese will perform in the workplaces: companies, factories and construction sites.

The event  was presentend on May 19, 2016 by the Regional Councillor Luciano Monticelli during the press conference with the participation of the President of the Abruzzo Region, Luciano D’Alfonso, the President Antonio Centi and the Artistic Director Luisa Prayer of the Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese and the General Manager of Walter Tosto SpA Giacomo Fossataro.