December 13, 2019. Walter Tosto SpA staff participated in the training day entitled “Soft skills and the value represented by safety”. The event aimed to be not only a formative moment but also a constructive occasion to share activities, issues, goals and corporate values.

The day started with greetings and the intervention of the CEO, Luca Tosto, who illustrated the crucial events that occurred during the year, emphasizing, in particular, the importance of each role within the company staff, the values ​​and the mission.

Lua Tosto then involved Ercole Fasciani (Project Manager) and Mario Maresca (Quality Manager) for the discussion of a case history on an important order that interested several company departments.

In the second part of the training, presented by the Sales Director Nicola Trivulzio and the three Area Sales Managers – Francesco Aiello, Marco Foti and Fernando Parata – acquisitions and commercial objectives topics were discussed.

To conclude the speeches, the President Walter Tosto expressed his satisfaction with the work of the group: “I’m grateful for being the founder of this respectful company, where our sons can work today. And it’s just awesome to be able to see so many people excellently coordinated“.