From a study conducted by Unioncamere and Anpal published in recent days on the magazine “Il Sole 24 Ore” it emerged that, in the next 5 years, Italian companies will need over 460,000 specialized technicians. Among these, 98,000 employees will be needed only in the mechanics and mechatronics sector with professional profiles ranging from the management, maintenance and use of industrial robots to designers of industrial plants, up to those assigned to programming CNC machines.

To date, these figures are difficult to find due to a mismatch between industry and the world of education. A paradox, considering that currently 30% of young Italians are unemployed.

Italy is the second manufacturing country in Europe, but 7 out of 10 young people in school age don’t know it.

To bridge the gap between the employment needs of businesses and education in Italy, the Superior Technical High Schools (ITS in Italian) were born about 10 years ago and nowadays this represents the training channel that has the greatest employment success: 80% of the students who attend these courses find a job within a year from their graduation.

The ITS courses have usually a two-year program (1800 hours) with a training offer closely linked to the technological areas considered a priority for economic development and the country’s competitiveness (Mechanics, Mechatronics, Industry 4.0, ICT, Fashion, Tourism, Agribusiness, etc.) where 70% of the teachers are not actually teachers, but technicians who work in the companies and internship last about half of the hours of the course.

Despite the excellent results in terms of employment, ITS still represent a niche and it is unknown to many people. The number of attending students in our country is around 13,000, a far lower number compared to Germany, the European state that has the most effective educational model, where the young people who attend vocational training courses are over 760,000.

Last year, Walter Tosto started a collaboration with the ITS Energy Efficiency of L’Aquila for the activation of the “Industry 4.0 Superior Technician: Design and manufacture of critical systems for the Energy sector” course. The 24 students attended classroom lessons for 600 hours and in these days they started the internship (which will last 800 hours) in the several functional areas, supported by our technicians in the offices and workshops, both in Italy and abroad.

We wish good luck to all the students for the beginning of the second phase of the training program!