Ortona, Italy. Another important supply consisting of four components for the oldest refinery on the  Gulf coast – Ras Tanura – owned by the oil giant Saudi Aramco, was completed. This refinery is the biggest in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest oil refineries in the world with a refining capacity of 550 thousand barrels per day.

The four items, to be precise, a Hydrotreating Reactor and three CCR Reactors – with total weight of 550 tons – are the most critical equipment  of the project, consisting of 32 components overall. The provided equipment will be part of the new NHT / CCR unit of the Refinery modernization project. The operation – called “Clean Fuel” – aims to comply with the international standards regarding sulfur and micro-particles quantity adjustment in fuel combustion products.

Despite the considerable complexity of the fabrication activities, due to the requirements to ensure the connection with other equipment of the project and the inclusion of the interior before closing, the contract was completed in less than a year, a short time for this category of items.

This success further confirms the strategic partnership between Walter Tosto and the industrial giant Saudi Aramco and lays the foundation for future collaborations for the next projects.