JT-60SA is a fusion experimental project designed to support the operation of ITER and to investigate how best to optimise the operation of fusion power plants that are built after ITER. It is a joint international research and development project involving Japan and Europe, and is to be built in Naka, Japan using infrastructure of the existing JT-60 Upgrade experiment. SA stands for “Super Advanced”, since the experiment will have superconducting coils and study advanced modes of plasma operation.

Walter Tosto SpA has been designated for supplying 18 components (casings) containing toroidal coils of the magnetic system by ENEA (National Agency for new technologies, energy and economic sustainable development). In occasion of the finalization and imminent shipment of the firsts casings, the Power division’s staff of the company received the visit of some representatives of Fusion 4 Energy (the EU organization managing European contribution to ITER), ENEA, and JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), the company which commissioned the Tokamak JT-60SA project.

Visitors had the chance to examine the obtained results and were very satisfied for quality and tolerance strict levels compliance.

The components will be soon shipped to the companies ASG and Astom, which will place the superconductors inside the casings.