Rome. The conference on the conclusion of the Italian contribution to the activities of the experimental project JT-60SA was held on November 15 at ENEA headquarter in Rome. The program aims to support the most important global project on nuclear fusion: ITER.

Walter Tosto was appointed by ENEA to manufacture 18 (+2 spare) toroidal field (TF) coils to contain the toroidal magnet coils for the Tokamak JT-60 SA machine which, starting from 2020 – start up date – will contain the plasma at very high temperatures, necessary to generate the fusion reaction.

Massimiliano Tacconelli, Nuclear & Big Science Program Manager of Walter Tosto SpA, said during his speech: “The participation to the JT-60SA research project has allowed us to significantly expand our skills. Access to technology has been very important for the success of the project, but the real technological push is given by people, their dedication and their constant commitment “.

In this project, the synergy between Research and Industry has allowed the development of an extraordinary technology that will contribute, together with the other fusion research programs, to prepare the energy of the future.