A light sensor to be used by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) will be implemented in the laboratories of Gran Sasso in Assergi (AQ). It is a detector which will use the inert gas Argon to carry out the research on dark matter. Such innovative tool will be more performant and smaller than the unique one existing in Japan. This project will bring significant opportunities for manufacturing companies and for creating new jobs in Abruzzo. Giovanni Lolli, Vice President of the Abruzzo Region, has announced the release of a tender notice for the manufacturing of the light sensor. Walter Tosto has already taken part in similar projects in the Big Science area, such as Dark Side and Borexino. The first one, in collaboration with Princeton University and INFN, is a test plan based on innovative detectors in order to increase the sensitivity level in dark matter detection; the Borexino project is instead an international experiment for the observation of low-energy solar neutrinos. The company, having all the necessary expertise in these areas, will evaluate with great enthusiasm the opportunity to submit their application for the announced tenders.