It started last September  1st , the master in “Junior Sales Area Managers” organized by Walter Tosto SpA. Six young graduates have been selected in order to be trained as future Sales Managers, to be part of the company’s staff.

During the six months of the master’s program, the participants will be initially trained in the quality, design, technical, welding areas and in the workshops; subsequently, the students will operate within the commercial area.

The trainees, at their first week in the company, express their first impressions: “This program goes far beyond our expectations. The stereotype of the student who is placed in the company to make photocopies does not have anything to do with the Walter Tosto’s scenario. The high quality training program provides effective skills-acquisition, which are relevant for the company. The context is friendly and inspiring and this solid and well-structured organization really believes in young people. For us, this represents a stepping stone to lay the foundations for our future“,  says Ercole Fasciani, graduated in Economics.