The insert “Nòva” of the newspaper “Il sole 24 ore” published on May 31st 2015, talks about Walter Tosto SpA in the scope of the Iter nuclear fusion project.

An interview was released by Mr. Paolo Bonifazi, Business Development Manager of the company: “When our president Walter Tosto was young, he used to weld railings, and I also like to be defined as a blacksmith” – says Paolo Bonifazi – “but in the last ten years we have brought in the welding area always more precise and advanced technologies, from the manual welder with mask and electrode to robotic welding such as electron beam. We have collaborated on an experiment on dark matter (University of Princeton) for the construction of special equipment which is now in the laboratories of Gran Sasso, and at today we are among the firsts 7 or 8 in the world in the fabrication of large mechanical components. Italians are the best in this area, but this is not known. We took part in the ITER project with the most significant pieces while, for companies in other countries, which are making less than what we are doing, participation in this great project is considered an honor and it is widely supported by their governments. Here, however, even due to lack of appropriate education, our company was also committed in qualifying the personnel to be hired, by performing training for dozens of young people, from welders to engineers, in collaboration with educational institutions such as the Italian Welding Institute and the University of L’Aquila. In my opinion, national government’s lack of interest for such a highly promising sector can be considered a huge loss of opportunity” .

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