Country Cork, Ireland. The first of our appliances made for the Whitegate refinery has been delivered and it is currently being installed at Cork Harbour. This port, in the south of Ireland, is a major hub for industrial production and employment for the whole country since the early 1900s, when the establishment of large industrial plants and shipyards began. This strategic relevance still remains in the energy, refining, pharmaceutical and naval sectors and gives rise to a synergistic coexistence between industry, tourism and nature, where immense green expanses and breathtaking cliffs overlooking the ocean coexist with modern industrial companies.

The Whitegate Refinery, owned by Irving Oil, is the only oil plant in the nation, capable of meeting 40% of the gasoline, diesel and kerosene needs of the Irish population. Since its establishment in 1959, the facility has played a crucial role in supplying fuel throughout the country, producing over 20,000 barrels of gasoline and 30,000 diesel / gas per day.

Walter Tosto was commissioned by the Irving Oil customer for the supply of six items for this plant, that is, a Reactor, two Separators, a Surge Drum, a Column and an Overflash Surge Vessel (already delivered and being assembled).

“All the staff of Walter Tosto is working and managing this project with great enthusiasm, thanks to the remarkable synergy with the customer and the important destination”, said Nicola Trivulzio, Sales Director of Walter Tosto SpA.