In the scope of the Technical Coordination Meeting (TCM) organized by ENEA, about 50 delegates coming from several European countries and from Japan will meet in Genova, Italy on September 29 and 30 in order to discuss the advancement of the JT60-SA.

JT-60SA is an experimental fusion reactor being realized in Naka, Japan and represents one of the research projects on controlled Nuclear Fusion set by the “Broader Approach”, a program with the scientific collaboration between Europe and Japan. In the scope of the “Broader Approach”, Italy has been committed to supply, through ENEA, among other components, eighteen superconductors  magnets composing the toroidal magnetic system JT60-SA.

Walter Tosto SpA, which was appointed by ENEA for the supply of eighteen components (casings), has been invited to take part to the press conference, to which the President Walter Tosto, together with a part of the Iter division of the company. ENEA commissioner, Federico Testa and the vice minister of the Economy Enrico Morando.

Nine of the casings being built by Walter Tosto will be delivered to ASG Superconductors SpA, while the remaining nine will be delivered to the French company ALSTOM. Both companies have the task to produce the coil to be inserted in the cases. After passing the test phases, the components will be sent in Japan for the assembly with the other components of the JT60-SA.