Luca Tosto, Managing Director of Walter Tosto SpA, was elected member of the Italian Nuclear Association’s Board of Directors in the “Enterprises” section. AIN is the technical-scientific non-profit association headed by Umberto Minopoli, representing all the existing centers in Italy dealing with energy and nuclear technologies. The association aims, in the interest and for the civil progress of the country, to organize meetings and promote exchanges among organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals interested in the development of peaceful applications of nuclear technology in line with international and national safety standards and the EURATOM Treaty. The Association specifically pursues the goal of drawing up and representing, at national and international level, positions and opinions concerning qualified initiatives and nuclear problems, and to maintain relations with the national, international and supranational bodies in the nuclear industry and with similar organizations operating in other countries.

AIN represents the Italian nuclear power system within the European Nuclear Society (ENS) and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM), the European Commission and the European Parliament. The association also appoints a representative of the national nuclear system within the American Nuclear Society (ANS).