The global spread of Covid-19 has placed restrictions both in our private life and in our industrial activities. We are going through a difficult period. In a short time we were forced to reorganize our activities, our habits, our daily life. All our decisions were based on the protection of our employees and partners’ health and safety, but also on the willingness to continue to provide products and services to our customers within the terms. We have implemented all the measures established by the Ministerial Decrees on health and safety in all production departments and activated, where possible, smart working. Despite the difficult situation, the aforementioned measures ensure that all the Group’s sites (in Italy and abroad) remain regularly operational with the same professionalism. Our employees are working hard in every company department and are committed to guaranteeing the punctuality of supplies with the highest quality and with the respect of our customers. At the moment no delays are expected in the supplies: we can count of all our workforce (there are no cases of infected people to date) and transport is operational too. In this way we want to limit the inconvenience and make our contribution to this delicate situation, hoping that everything will return to normal in the shortest possible time. We are fully aware of the rapidly changing situation. We will promptly communicate any new development that would result in a significant change in our production capacity.