An important goal has been achieved for the JT-60SA project: the first TF (Toroidal Field) coil case delivered by Walter Tosto to the French company Alstom (now General Electric) about a year ago is today the most powerful magnet ever manufactured in the world.


The TF coil has passed all the strict tests in cryogenic, pressure and electrical charge conditions and is now ready to be assembled with some additional structural elements and to be shipped in Naka, Japan, for final assembly this summer.


JT-60SA is one of the three large projects covered by the Broader Approach (BA) Agreement concluded between Euratom (the European Atomic Energy Community) and Japan. It will employ 18 TF coils plus 2 spares, for a total of 20 coils. Half of them are currently being manufactured at the General Electric factory while the remaining part is at the ASG factory in Genoa (Italy).

The European institutes responsible for these contracts are CEA and ENEA, which procured the TF coil casings manufactured by Walter Tosto SpA.


Credits: F4E / CEA / ENEA