A journey through the wine and food culture of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is an authentic and genuine territory. Rich of history and traditions from the mountains down to the sea, it is the country we live in, the land we love.
Walter Tosto is a reality which rooted in this territory and built up a deep and durable connection with it. It absorbs its strength and its identity and, like people from Abruzzo are defined, it is gentle and strong.
“Abruzzo is part of our essence, it reflects what we are. When people from abroad come to visit us, we want them to know the most fascinating places that our region offers: rich of history small villages, our mountains, green in the summer and snowy during the winter season, rivers, lakes, seaside cities, the Adriatic coast. We want them to appreciate our food and to discover our traditions. We want them to remain fascinated by Abruzzo. This is the message I always leave to them: Let yourselves fall in love with Abruzzo”, says Luca Tosto, who was delighted to accepted to support the editorial project “Abruzzo, the taste of discovery”: a catalogue which collects over 100 color images of Abruzzo’s most peculiar landscapes and 15 short essays about wine and food culture of the region. A guide, which will be published for the Christmas period, with the purpose to hand down the best traditions to the next generations, to diffuse our territory’s culture to Abruzzo lovers and especially to create interest for those who still don’t know this amazing Italian region.