Chieti – November 21, 2016. The Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Ministers’ Council, who was in Abruzzo in order to illustrate the Masterplan opportunities, visited Walter Tosto SpA, recognized as one of the main Industrial companies in the region.

Competition in our sector is very strong: in order to be competitive in the international markets, it is necessary to simplify and speed the bureaucracy in our country” said the Managing Director of the company Luca Tosto, by giving the floor to the Undersecretary.

De Vincenti made a speech to the management and the personnel of the company, in which he highlighted the progresses of Abruzzo, considered one of the leader regions for the economy of the southern Italy. “Thanks to his Excellences, in the last two years the Abruzzo region recorded a significant growth and was one of the firsts regions to accelerate for the Masterplan“.

The visit concluded with a tour in the modern facility where the manufacturing of the components for the ITER international project on nuclear fusion is taking shape.