The call of the Chieti city councilman, Graziano Marino, together with the major Umberto Di Primio, addressed to the local entrepreneurs for supporting the football team of Chieti was gladly accepted by Walter Tosto SpA.

Chieti Football represents at the moment a priority in the sport field for the city, and I wish that companies will sustain our team, which has always been a reference point and a reason to brag for the citizens”, said Marino, President of the 5th commission “Tourism, Entertainment, Sport and Culture”.

In occasion of the forthcoming start of the Italian D series Championship and for the recent management renewal, the team will have to face, in fact, high expenses, making necessary an external economic support.

During the past days, the deputy manager of Consorzio Italia Giuseppe Di Giovanni, agreed with Massimiliano Pucci of the Marketing & Communication Department at Walter Tosto, in order to define the support mode: “The company will be the main sponsor of the team”, said Massimiliano Pucci, who added: “Walter Tosto is glad to offer to Chieti Football all the needed support in order to allow the players to restart in the best possible way and to focus exclusively on their sport performances”.

Article published on the Italian newspaper “Il Centro”