Walter Tosto SpA is undertaking a social responsibility path, by investing on research and human capital. Donations made to charity foundations and associations are part of this path. Thanks to the received funds, researchers, some of them returned to Italy from abroad, have the possibility to work on research activities in order to defeat the diseases which are afflicting our society.

Since years, the company is active and cares about the development and support of ethical and fundraising related projects. From 2012 indeed, several donations has been made to Telethon, the foundation which collects funds for scientific research support on genetic diseases, and from this year, the company is also glad to support Airc, the Italian Association for research on cancer.

Ethical and social commitment is part of our philosophy. We are very proud for supporting Telethon and Airc’s projects, in collaboration with some Italian banks, not only to help the cause but also for contributing to divulge the social responsibility concept and the importance of scientific research”, declared Luca Tosto, Managing Director of the company.