On June 29 and 30 2018, the University of Chieti hosted the annual conference of the young mayors belonging to the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), entitled “Energies in movement”. The aim of the event was to create an opportunity to discuss best practices and future projects, to better meet the needs of citizens and companies.

The Assembly included thematic workshops and round tables that allowed a direct comparison between the main players of the territory.

Luca Tosto, CEO of Walter Tosto SpA, participated in the panel related on collaborations between public and private bodies, where the main issues encountered by the companies were examined and solutions were proposed in order to speed up the bureaucracy. “In order to ride the positive fluctuations of the market, companies have to promptly make investments”, underlined Walter Tosto’s CEO, adding that “Public administrations should be able to provide quick responses to local businesses, overcoming the unproductive coexistence of responsibilities between different roles”.


VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/AuditoriumRettorato/videos/968982536604834/