A very special cargo left from our workshop in Ortona few days ago. This artifact is special because it achieved the maximum thickness of stainless steel ever welded in Walter Tosto SpA (171 mm), but also because it will be part of one of the largest projects ever designed so far. The product we are talking about is a 209 tons Feed Separator, commissioned by Bechtel for Chevron Australia.
Bechtel is an engineering, project management and construction company which is well known throughout the world; Chevron is an oil company operating in more than 180 countries and it is taking part to the implementation of the “Wheatstone” project, one of the greatest works ever made for the production of clean energy that will be implemented nearby Onslow, in Western Australia. The goal of the project is related on the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant which will have an annual capacity of over 15 LPG million tonnes.
The Feed Separator signed by Walter Tosto SpA will reach Malaysia by sea in about three months